How to read file with space separated values in pandas


I try to read the file into pandas.
The file has values separated by space, but with different number of spaces
I tried:

pd.read_csv('file.csv', delimiter=' ')

but it doesn’t work

Asked By: yemu



you can use regex as the delimiter:

pd.read_csv("whitespace.csv", header=None, delimiter=r"s+")
Answered By: user2927197

add delim_whitespace=True argument, it’s faster than regex.

Answered By: HYRY

If you can’t get text parsing to work using the accepted answer (e.g if your text file contains non uniform rows) then it’s worth trying with Python’s csv library – here’s an example using a user defined Dialect:

 import csv

 csv.register_dialect('skip_space', skipinitialspace=True)
 with open(my_file, 'r') as f:
      reader=csv.reader(f , delimiter=' ', dialect='skip_space')
      for item in reader:
Answered By: Pierz

Pandas read_fwf for the win:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_fwf(file_path)
Answered By: erickfis

You can pass a regular expression as a delimiter for read_table also, and it is fast :).

result = pd.read_table('file', sep='s+')
Answered By: Mohamed Fathallah
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