How to remove a package from Pypi


How do I remove a package from Pypi?

I uploaded a package to Pypi several months ago. The package is now obsolete and I’d like to formally remove it. I cannot find any documentation on how to remove my package.

Asked By: Rico



  • Login.
  • Go to your packages.
  • Check the “remove” checkbox for the particular package.
  • Click “Remove” button.
Answered By: Simeon Visser

New PYPI Website

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  1. Login to
  2. Go to releases
  3. Click delete on options dropdown
  4. Enter the version number confirm
  5. Click Delete Release to delete the release.

original answer

Login in to pypi, select the required package from Your packages

To delete only a version of the package.

select Remove? check box on the individual package version that you want to delete, and click remove.

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To delete the package completely

Scroll down until you see the red box saying Do NOT use this button and click Remove this project completely and on the next page, confirm your action. Don’t forget that, there is no undo option.

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Answered By: All Іѕ Vаиітy

This is not a really good idea, because all users of the previous package will see their install fails.

If you want to deprecate a package, what you can do is publish a last release with a README pointing to the new package. I did that for python-cli-ui, which is replaced by cli-ui

If you want to get fancy you can also:

  • Add a warning printed when is run
  • or at import time
  • or replace the package by a dummy one that depends on the new name.
Answered By: Dimitri Merejkowsky
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