Pycharm exit code 0


Whenever I run any code, my console always ends with Process finished with exit code 0.

For example, if i were to just print(“hellow”):

pydev debugger: process 21021 is connecting

Connected to pydev debugger (build 131.618)

Process finished with exit code 0

Is there any way to make the output just “hellow”?

Asked By: goodcow



You realize it is not part of the output right? It’s just additional information provided by the IDE’s console. The real program is just outputting hellow as expected.

Saying that the Process finished with exit code 0 means that everything worked ok. If an exception occurs in your program or otherwise an exit is generated with non-zero argument, the IDE is gonna inform you about this, which is useful debug information.

You’re not supposed to run your Python programs from the IDE when in production so I think trying to remove that is irrelevant.

Answered By: Paulo Bu

If you stop your script and it throws an exception you can add the following except that returns the same message.

except KeyboardInterrupt:


Process finished with exit code 0
Answered By: LGama

I got the same error and reason in my case was that previous python script was running through Pycharm. To resolve this, trying stopping all previous running scripts from Pycharm then run your current script. This may be helpful.

Answered By: Ashutosh Pandey
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