In PyCharm, how to navigate to the top of the file?


I’m new to PyCharm and haven’t been able to figure out what I’m sure is a very simple thing — what’s the key stroke to go to the top of the current file?

(Bonus question — is there a way to scroll to the top of the current file without moving the cursor there also, a la the Home key in Sublime Text 2?)

Asked By: Ghopper21



You navigate to the top of the file using Ctrl+Home. It moves cursor too. So does navigating via Page Up and Page Down keys.

Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down move the view without moving cursor but scrolling the long file takes some time.

Additionally You can change the keymap (Settings > Keymap). There is ‘Scroll to Top’ in ‘Editor Actions’. You can use Your own key binding for this action, by default (in PyCharm 4 and later) it is not set.

Answered By: Martin

Another way is to navigate to the first line using goto line: CtrlG and then 1. But this will move the cursor to the first line.

A small disadvantage is it is a two step process and adds a navigation step. Moving back to your previous location with CtrlAlt< will have to be done in two steps if you do an edit.

Answered By: yahan

In mac, Command + Home will go to the top of file

Answered By: Eazow
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