SQLAlchemy: get the object with the most recent date


How do I query a table for the object with the most recent table?

I’ve got a table which holds

class Ticker(Base):
    updated = Column('updated', DATETIME, index=False, nullable=False,primary_key=True)
    high = Column('high', FLOAT, index=False, nullable=False)

I’m trying to find out how I can get the object with the most recent updated field? Currently I’m doing the following:

maxdate = db_session.query(func.max(Ticker.updated)).first()[0]
Ticker.query.filter(Ticker.updated == maxdate).first()

I was wondering if there is a more efficient/shorter way to do this?

Asked By: Lucas Kauffman



You need to order by updated and limit to one result. This should work(I haven’t tested it, syntax might be wrong) –

Ticker.query.order_by('updated desc').limit(1)
Answered By: Bibhas Debnath

for version 1.2+:



Answered By: MCH

Same as this with a small variation in syntax:

Answered By: MathKid
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