How to access a sharepoint site via the REST API in Python?


I have the following site in SharePoint 2013 in my local VM:


When I access this from the browser, it prompts me for the username and password and then works fine. However I am trying to do the same using the REST API in Python. I am using the requests library, and this is what I have done:

import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

USERNAME = "Administrator"

PASSWORD = "password"

response = requests.get("http://win-5a8pp4v402g/sharepoint_test/site_1/", auth=HTTPBasicAuth(USERNAME, PASSWORD))

print response.status_code

However I get a 401. I dont understand. What am I missing?

Note: I followed this article

Asked By: Indradhanush Gupta



A 401 response is an authentication error…

That leaves one of your three variables as incorrect: url, user, pass. Requests Authentication Docs

Your url looks incomplete.

Answered By: jpoehnelt

It’s possible that your SharePoint site uses a different authentication scheme. You can check this by inspecting the network traffic in Firebug or the Chrome Developer Tools.

Luckily, the requests library supports many authentication options:

Fore example, one of the networks I needed to access uses NTLM authentication. After installing the requests-ntml plugin, I was able to access the site using code similar to this:

import requests
from requests_ntlm import HttpNtlmAuth

requests.get("", auth=HttpNtlmAuth('DOMAIN\USERNAME','PASSWORD'))
Answered By: TomL

You can also use Office365-REST-Python-Client ("Office 365 & Microsoft Graph Library for Python") or sharepoint ("Module and command-line utility to get data out of SharePoint")

Answered By: ndemou

Here is an examples of SharePoint 2016 REST API call from Python to create a site.

import requests,json,urllib
from requests_ntlm import HttpNtlmAuth

root_url = ""
headers = {'accept': "application/json;odata=verbose","content-type": "application/json;odata=verbose"}
auth = HttpNtlmAuth("MYCOMPANY"+"\"+"UserName",'Password')

def getToken():
    contextinfo_api = root_url+"/_api/contextinfo"
    response =, auth=auth,headers=headers)
    response =  json.loads(response.text)
    digest_value = response['d']['GetContextWebInformation']['FormDigestValue']
    return digest_value

def createSite(title,url,desc):
    create_api = root_url+"/_api/web/webinfos/add"
    payload = {'parameters': {
            '__metadata':  {'type': 'SP.WebInfoCreationInformation' },
            'Url': url,
            'Title': title,
            'Description': desc,
    response =, auth=auth,headers=headers,data=json.dumps(payload))
    return json.loads(response.text)

print createSite("Human Resources","hr","Sample Description")
Answered By: Mihir Thakkar