How to check the version of scipy


How can I check the version of scipy installed on my system?

Asked By: OD IUM



In [95]: import scipy

In [96]: scipy.__version__
Out[96]: '0.12.0'

In [104]: scipy.version.*version?

In [105]: scipy.version.full_version
Out[105]: '0.12.0'

In [106]: scipy.version.git_revision
Out[106]: 'cdd6b32233bbecc3e8cbc82531905b74f3ea66eb'

In [107]: scipy.version.release
Out[107]: True

In [108]: scipy.version.short_version
Out[108]: '0.12.0'

In [109]: scipy.version.version
Out[109]: '0.12.0'

See SciPy doveloper documentation for reference.

Answered By: zhangxaochen

on command line

 >>> import scipy
 >>> scipy.__version__
Answered By: jsdev

Using command line:

python -c "import scipy; print(scipy.__version__)"
Answered By: Maksood

From the python command prompt:

import scipy
print scipy.__version__

In python 3 you’ll need to change it to:

print (scipy.__version__)
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