How to run python macros in LibreOffice?


When I go to Tools -> Macros -> Organize Macros -> Python I get this dialog:

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It is not possible to create new Python macros.

Apparently LibreOffice has no Python editor so I have to write the macros elsewhere and then just execute them.

But I do not know where to put the Python scripts.

I tried a system-wide search for files with “HeloWorld” in their name and I got no results.

I tried to put a file into:


and reload the application, but the test macro is not shown.

I tried to find the appropriate setting in Tools -> Options -> Path but there is no “path to macros”:

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How can I run Python macros from LibreOffice?

This question is a part of my quest to learn Python and to learn LibreOffice macros, so any link to a general tutorial is welcomed. The tutorials on LibreOffice Python macros seem to be especially hard to find.

I am using LibreOffice Version:

Asked By: Martin Drozdik



Try to manually make a subdirectory python (all lowercase) inside /home/martin/.config/libreoffice/4/user/Scripts and put your script there.

This is based on this documentations.

Answered By: halex

I also struggled to get a clear start, so I documented my setup and the things I learned here. If you work through that, you will see that you can place your python script in any folder as long as you link to it correctly.

EDIT: The old URL-only answer now points to a dead link. That page can still be found on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine or this GitHub Gist.

Answered By: Jannie Theunissen

Python scripts are located on /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/scripts/python

Maybe this tutorial will help, as it did for me.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Install the new APSO extension
  2. then go to Tools -> Macros -> Organize python scripts.
  3. Now, select “My Macros” and choose Menu -> Create Module.

This documentation helped me the most.

Answered By: Jim K

for a short intro on how to run python macros in LibreOffice Calc, you may check Python Macros in LibreCalc

Answered By: Arun Kumar Khattri