Removing space in a string without using built in methods


I am trying to make/get a new string which doesn’t contain spaces.
For example,

string1 = "my music is good"

should become

joinedstring = "mymusicisgood"   #this is the one i want

At first i was able to do this by using the built in string method

string1 = "my music is good"
joinedstring = string1.replace(" ","")

But now I am trying to achieve the same results without any string method, which means I have to make my own function. My thought was to make a loop which searches for the index of the "space" in a string then try to delete indexes to make a new string.
But here comes the problem, strings are immutable so deleting say del string[index] doesn’t work. Any help please!

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You don’t need to import string to make a replacement. replace() is a method on any string:

>>> string1 = "my music is good"
>>> joinedstring = string1.replace(" ","")
>>> joinedstring
Answered By: alecxe

Looks a lot like school homework if you need to "program" built-in functions on your own.
A very simple function for that could look like this:

def no_spaces(string1):
    helpstring = ""
    for a in string1:
        if a == " ":
            helpstring = helpstring + a
    return helpstring
Answered By: svenwildermann

Alternative solution is to use list comprehension with filter (the if part):

>>> string1 = "my music is good"
>>> "".join([c for c in string1 if c != " "])
Answered By: Jan Vlcinsky

here is a working function that you can call from your code:

def remove_space(old_string):
    new_string = ""
    for letter in old_string:
        if not letter == " ":
            new_string += letter
    print new_string # put here return instead of print if you want

if __name__ == '__main__':
    remove_space("there was a time")
Answered By: toufikovich
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