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I’m trying to get the zip code for a particular city using I have the following code which works, except when I try to access the post code key which returns TypeError: expected string or buffer

r = requests.get('')
j = r.json()

data = json.loads(j)

print j['state']
print data['places']['latitude']

Full JSON output:

"country abbreviation": "US",
"places": [
        "place name": "Belmont",
        "longitude": "-71.4594",
        "post code": "02178",
        "latitude": "42.4464"
        "place name": "Belmont",
        "longitude": "-71.2044",
        "post code": "02478",
        "latitude": "42.4128"
"country": "United States",
"place name": "Belmont",
"state": "Massachusetts",
"state abbreviation": "MA"
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I did not realize that the first nested element is actually an array. The correct way access to the post code key is as follows:

r = requests.get('')
j = r.json()

print j['state']
print j['places'][1]['post code']
Answered By: apardes

Places is a list and not a dictionary. This line below should therefore not work:


You need to select one of the items in places and then you can list the place’s properties. So to get the first post code you’d do:

print(data['places'][0]['post code'])
Answered By: agrinh

In your code j is Already json data and j[‘places’] is list not dict.

 r = requests.get('')
 j = r.json()

 print j['state']
 for each in j['places']:
    print each['latitude']
Answered By: MONTYHS

I’m using this lib to access nested dict keys

 import requests
 from addict import Dict
 r = requests.get('')
 j = Dict(r.json())

 print j.state
 print j.places[1]['post code']  # only work with keys without '-', space, or starting with number 
Answered By: Ezequiel Bertti
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