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Is there any alternatives to the print statement for output in Python.
Also, how can I format my output text to be color-coded?

I’m a beginner programmer, pretty new to it.

Asked By: Jasper




Is one alternative. You can also write to sys.stderr. Personally, I use sys.stdout when I need to pass a generic “stream” to some function that will write to it. And open file is a stream, and sys.stdout is a stream. This way my function can be parametrized to write either to output or to file.

I also find sys.stdout.write more convenient than print for printing many things to a single line, as I find the ending comma syntax of print for suppressing the newline ugly and inconvenient.

Regarding printing to the terminal in colors, see this other SO discussion.

Answered By: Eli Bendersky

You can use PrettyPrint for print data

Answered By: anijhaw

You can use the "display()" function instead of print() – I prefer this and it works well to display dataframes



You can also use Pretty printer : Sample code below

import pprint
stuff = ['spam', 'eggs', 'lumberjack', 'knights', 'ni']
stuff.insert(0, stuff[:])
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
Answered By: Naveen Kumar

IceCream — Never use print() to debug again
You should try the package called IceCream
To install it, please use the following:

pip install icecream

For details on how to use it, please click here

An example:

from icecream import ic
a = 3
def duplicate(i):
    return i * 2

b = duplicate(ic(a))

ic| a: 6


ic| b: 6


Answered By: Yasser M
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