SKlearn import MLPClassifier fails


I am trying to use the multilayer perceptron from scikit-learn in python. My problem is, that the import is not working. All other modules from scikit-learn are working fine.

from sklearn.neural_network import MLPClassifier

Import Error: cannot import name MLPClassifier

I’m using the Python Environment Python64-bit 3.4 in Visual Studio 2015.
I installed sklearn over the console with: conda install scikit-learn
I also installed numpy and pandas. After I had the error above I also installed scikit-neuralnetwork with: pip install scikit-neuralnetwork
The installed scikit-learn version is 0.17.

What have I done wrong? Am I missing an installation?

—– EDIT —-

In addition to the answer of tttthomasssss, I found the solution on how to install the sknn library for neuronal networks. I followed this tutorial.
Do the following steps:

  • pip install scikit-neuralnetwork
  • download and install the GCC compiler
  • install mingw with conda install mingw libpython

You can use the sknn library after.

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MLPClassifier is not yet available in scikit-learn v0.17 (as of 1 Dec 2015). If you really want to use it you could clone 0.18dev (however, I don’t know how stable this branch currently is).

Answered By: tttthomasssss

I arrived here with the v0.17 problem too. I found a solution using pip here, namely

    pip install git+

I had to execute pip install cython first though.

However, that installs 0.19.dev0 (currently), but pip list indicates that the latest is 0.18rc2. Rather

    pip install scikit-learn==0.18.rc2

resolved the issue more satisfactorily.

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from shell/ terminal

conda update scikit-learn
Answered By: MAFiA303
apt-get update; 
apt-get install -y python python-pip 

update-alternatives --set /usr/lib/atlas-base/atlas/; update-alternatives --set /usr/lib/atlas-base/atlas/

pip install -U scikit-learn

I have imported MLPClassifier from sklearn.neural_network and it does seem to work.

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