Unable to create Superuser account on Python-Django using Eclipse IDE?


I am using Eclipse IDE to work on Python 3.4 and Django 1.8 on Windows XP.
My problem is while creating superuser following error occurs.

Superuser creation skipped due to not running in a TTY. You can run manage.py createsuperuser in your project to create one manually

Any solution on it.

Asked By: rahul.m



This answer seems like it was answered here. Also refer to Geo Jacob’s comment.

Unable to create superuser in django due to not working in TTY

Does Eclipse have it’s own Command Line tool? If not, you should be able to do it via the Windows command prompt/Powershell.

Answered By: Jeremy

In the Terminal.paste it:

winpty python manage.py createsuperuser

And Then fill your details like Username, Email and Password.

Answered By: Divyrajsinh
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