How to use `GridSpec()` with `subplots()`


There are several (example) SO posts dealing with how to use GridSpec with subplotting in general.
What i am trying to achieve to no avail, is to allow the use of GridSpec with subplots, something like this, Where i can replace the actual Array and list indexes with some loop controlled index :

gs = gridspec.GridSpec(4, 1, height_ratios=[2, 2, 1, 1])        
tPlot, axes = plt.subplots(4, sharex=True, sharey=False)
tPlot.suptitle(node, fontsize=20)
axes[0].plot(targetDay[0], gs[0])
axes[1].plot(targetDay[1], gs[1])
axes[2].scatter(targetDay[2], gs[2])
axes[3].plot(targetDay[3], gs[3])

Needless to say that this code does not work, it just an example.

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Rather than calling gridspec.GridSpec before subplots, you can send the kwargs to GridSpec from within your subplots call, using the gridspec_kw argument. From the docs:

gridspec_kw : dict

Dict with keywords passed to the GridSpec constructor used to create the grid the subplots are placed on.

So, for example:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

tPlot, axes = plt.subplots(
        nrows=4, ncols=1, sharex=True, sharey=False, 

tPlot.suptitle('node', fontsize=20)


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