How to install the VLC module in Python


I was trying to install VLC using PIP, but get the following error:

pip install VLC

Downloading/unpacking vlc
Cannot fetch index base URL
Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement vlc
Cleaning up...
No distributions at all found for vlc
Storing complete log in C:Usersrakeshb4pippip.log
Asked By: Rakesh Bhagam



The packages vlc seems to have currently issues on pypi. However, you are on Windows and this package appears to be for MacOS only (based on description).

Try python-vlc instead.

Answered By: frlan

I could solve the problem with :

pip install python-vlc
Answered By: Georges Hart

solved with pip install python-vlc

Answered By: Xiaoxu Li

I could install this with: pip install python-vlc

Here is the link:

Answered By: Taie
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