npm – "Can't find Python executable "python", you can set the PYTHON env variable."


I’m trying to run the following command: npm install -g bower gulp cordova ionic tsd@next karma-cli protractor node-gyp coffee-script js-beautify typescript npm-check

I have installed Python, Visual Studio Express and node-gyp so thought I’d be good to go, however I get the following errors:

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Regarding the "Can't find Python executable "python", you can set the PYTHON env variable." error, I’m a little confused because I have set the PYTHON environmental variable like so:

enter image description here

Any ideas please?

Asked By: Nick



You are running the Command Prompt as an admin. You have only defined PYTHON for your user. You need to define it in the bottom “System variables” section.

Also, you should only point the variable to the folder, not directly to the executable.

Answered By: OneCricketeer

You got to add python to your PATH variable. One thing you can do is Edit your Path variable now and add


Your variable PYTHON should point to the root directory of your python installation.

Answered By: jvecsei

I installed python2.7 to solve this issue.

Answered By: gus


Install all the required tools and configurations using Microsoft’s windows-build-tools by running npm install -g windows-build-tools from an elevated PowerShell (run as Administrator).

Answered By: kuan tein

The easiest way is to let NPM do everything for you,

npm --add-python-to-path='true' --debug install --global windows-build-tools
Answered By: Shamseer Ahammed

One of the following solutions will work for you:

  1. npm config set python c:Python27python.exe or set PYTHON=D:PythonbinPython.exe
  2. npm config set python D:LibraryPythonPython27python.exe
  3. Let npm configure everything for you (takes forever to complete) npm --add-python-to-path='true' --debug install --global windows-build-tools (Must be executed via “Run As Administrator” PowerShell)

If not… Try to install the required package on your own (I did so, and it was node-sass, after installing it manually, the whole npm install was successfully completed

Answered By: Elharony

Just run below command with admin access

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Answered By: Lahiru Amarathunge

I have recently encountered this issue in a dockerfile using node:16-alpine as base image. I have added following run command to fix the issue:

FROM node:alpine as build-stage
RUN apk add --no-cache python3 py3-pip make g++

Here, both tags node:alpine & node:16-alpine are same.

Answered By: Transhap Higsn

My Problem was the usage of Node v16.

I went back to Node v12 (v14 is probably fine as well) and it worked.

Answered By: Pascal

Run : npm –vs2015 install –global windows-build-tools

Answered By: itas97
npm config set python D:LibraryPythonPython27python.exe

This kind off worked for me from Tom Gao’s answer

Make sure to change in npmrc file as it doesnt automatically takes for the path
and do add Python in env var also as mentioned in the answers.

Answered By: yoyo44

use node version which mentioned in package.json.

using nvm (node version manager) you can switch between respective node version mentions in package.json

Answered By: Arunkumar

Had this issue on node:18 alpine docker image on Apple Silicon where only python3 is available but at least some versions of node-gyp don’t support pyhton3 yet. So I had to use an alpine version that still had python2:

FROM node:18.8.0-alpine3.15


RUN apk --no-cache add python2 make g++

COPY package.json .
COPY yarn.lock .
RUN yarn

COPY . .
Answered By: thisismydesign
delete node_modules 
delete packagelock.json and yarn.lock(if have)
npm cache clean --force
npm install
Answered By: Majid joghataey

as mentionned by jvecsei

For me adding D:SoftwaresPython2.7Scripts instead of D:SoftwaresPython2.7 to PATH worked.

Answered By: lMagickl

MAC: In my case, I just run the below command and the error resolved:

npm config set python python3
Answered By: Raja Parivesh
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