Create a Postgres database using python


I want to create Postgres database using Python.

con = psql.connect(dbname='postgres',
      user=self.user_name, host='',

cur = con.cursor()
cur.execute("CREATE DATABASE %s  ;" % self.db_name)

I am getting the following error:

InternalError: CREATE DATABASE cannot run inside a transaction block

I am using psycopg2 to connect. I don’t understand what’s the problem.
What am I trying to do is to connect to database (Postgres):

psql -postgres -U UserName

And then create another database:

create database test;

This is what I usually do and I want to automate this by creating Python script.

Asked By: kiran6



Use ISOLATION_LEVEL_AUTOCOMMIT, a psycopg2 extensions:

No transaction is started when command are issued and no commit() or
rollback() is required.

import psycopg2
from psycopg2 import sql
from psycopg2.extensions import ISOLATION_LEVEL_AUTOCOMMIT # <-- ADD THIS LINE

con = psycopg2.connect(dbname='postgres',
      user=self.user_name, host='',

con.set_isolation_level(ISOLATION_LEVEL_AUTOCOMMIT) # <-- ADD THIS LINE

cur = con.cursor()

# Use the psycopg2.sql module instead of string concatenation 
# in order to avoid sql injection attacks.
cur.execute(sql.SQL("CREATE DATABASE {}").format(
Answered By: Tom-db

As shown in the other answer the connection must be in autocommit mode. Another way of setting it using psycopg2 is through the autocommit attribute:

import psycopg2
from psycopg2 import sql

con = psycopg2.connect(...)
con.autocommit = True

cur = con.cursor()
# sql.SQL and sql.Identifier are needed to avoid SQL injection attacks.
cur.execute(sql.SQL('CREATE DATABASE {};').format(
Answered By: Álvaro Marco

A better and simple solution:

import psycopg # this uses psycopg version 3

def conection()
    config = {'user':'postgres',
        'autocommit':True} #this resolve the problem "InternalError: CREATE DATABASE cannot run inside a transaction block"
        cnx = psycopg.connect(**config)
    except psycopg.Error as err:
        return cnx
Answered By: renato
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