How do I convert a datetime to date?


How do I convert a datetime.datetime object (e.g., the return value of to a object in Python?

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From the documentation:

Return date object with same year, month and day.

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Use the date() method:
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You use the method:

Obviously, the expression above can (and should IMHO 🙂 be written as:
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You can convert a datetime object to a date with the date() method of the date time object, as follows:

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import time
import datetime

# use mktime to step by one day
# end - the last day, numdays - count of days to step back
def gen_dates_list(end, numdays):
  start = end - datetime.timedelta(days=numdays+1)
  end   = int(time.mktime(end.timetuple()))
  start = int(time.mktime(start.timetuple()))
  # 86400 s = 1 day
  return xrange(start, end, 86400)

# if you need reverse the list of dates
for dt in reversed(gen_dates_list(, 100)):
    print datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(dt).date()
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you could enter this code form for (today date & Names of the Day & hour) :'%y-%m-%d %a %H:%M:%S')

’19-09-09 Mon 17:37:56′

and enter this code for (today date simply):'%y-%m-%d')


for object :

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Answer updated to Python 3.7 and more

Here is how you can turn a date-and-time object

(aka datetime.datetime object, the one that is stored inside models.DateTimeField django model field)

into a date object (aka object):

from datetime import datetime

#your date-and-time object
# let's supposed it is defined as
datetime_element = datetime(2020, 7, 10, 12, 56, 54, 324893)

# where
# datetime_element = datetime(year, month, day, hour, minute, second, milliseconds)

# WHAT YOU WANT: your date-only object
date_element =

And just to be clear, if you print those elements, here is the output :


2020-07-10 12:56:54.324893



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I use data.strftime('%y-%m-%d') with lambda to transfer column to date

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Solved: AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'date'

You can use as below,

df["date"] = pd.to_datetime(df["date"])

where in above code date contains both date and time (2020-09-21 22:32:00), using above code we can get only date as (2020-09-21)

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If you are using pandas then this can solve your problem:

Lets say that you have a variable called start_time of type datetime64 in your dataframe then you can get the date part like this:
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