infix operator to pipe subprocess output to python function


Can xonsh pipe subprocess output to a python function?

int($(ls|wc -l)) > 20


ls | wc -l  | int > 20

I can get close

from toolz import pipe
pipe($(ls |wc -l),int) > 20

this comes searching ways to port

# bash
[ $(ls |wc -l ) -gt 20 ] && echo busy dir
# xonsh
test @$(ls |wc -l)  '-gt' 20 and echo busy dir
# xonsh with more python 
len(`[^.].*`) > 20 and echo busy dir

But generally, I’m hoping for an infix operator a la magrittr‘s forward pipe %>% or coconut’s |>

Asked By: Will



Someone did the trick in the github issue comment using sspipe,, but we can do it without it:

'Busy dir' if int($(ls | wc -l))>20 else ''
Answered By: Fabrício Ceolin

coconut supports xonsh

Coconut integrates with xonsh to allow the use of Coconut code directly from your command line. To use Coconut in xonsh, simply pip install coconut and then run xontrib load coconut from xonsh or add xontrib load coconut to your xonshrc file.

Answered By: Will
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