Can i upload a table to an array in Python Numpy?


i have a table that looks like this table

and i want to upload it to an array so the first colum would be city name and the first row will be the parameters.
is it possible given different types?
i need an array like this :

[[city name total   00-04   05-09]
[j 882806   110386  98268]
[a 221560   21982   19317]
[h 279591   21069   18200]]

when i use

csv = np.genfromtxt('populationData2016.csv',delimiter=",")

i get this

[[             nan              nan              nan ...,              nan
           nan              nan]
 [             nan   8.82806000e+05   1.10386000e+05 ...,   2.57210000e+04
1.77910000e+04   3.56080000e+04]
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You can use pandas to simplify this task:

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

df = pd.read_csv('path/to/file.csv')
headers = np.array(df.columns)  # get headers
values = df.values  # numpy array of values
matrix = np.concatenate([[headers], values])  # append to the final matrix
Answered By: aiven
def load_table_as_array(filename):
 f = open(filename,'r')
 # Parsing the first line containing column headers
 header_line = f.readline()
 header_line = header_line.strip(',n')
 column_names = header_line.split(',’)
 #Parsing the rest of the file
 mat = []
 row_names = []
 for line in f:
   tokens = line.rstrip().split(',')
   row_names.append(tokens[0]) #Add first token to row header list
   values = [float(n) for n in tokens[1:]] # Convert to float
   mat.append(values) # Append the current row to the matrix
 row_names = np.array(row_names)
 column_names = np.array(column_names)
 data = np.array(mat)
 return data, column_names, row_names

this works thank for who ever tried to help

Answered By: tt600

To convert Pandas Dataframe to Numpy Array:

#import required model

from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression
from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split

#split training and testing model

x_train,x_test,y_train,y_test = train_test_split(input,output,test_size=.2)

x_train output

#convert data table into numpy array

x = x_train.to_numpy()

Array output

Answered By: Rashmi Ranjan Jena
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