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I have searched around a lot to try and find a way to create roles in, but I haven’t found anything. I would like to be able to use a command to create and/or add roles to a user. My code is:

await client.create_role(
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To create roles,

For the rewrite branch:

guild = ctx.guild
await guild.create_role(name="role name")

to add color, just add colour=discord.Colour(0xffffff) as an option in create_role, and replace ffffff with the hex code for the color. To add permissions to the role, include permissions=discord.Permissions(permissions=<permission value>)

For the async branch:

author =
await client.create_role(author.server, name="role name")

to add color (and probably permissions), just do the same as you would for the rewrite branch.

Now, if you want to add roles to a user,

For the rewrite branch:

role = discord.utils.get(ctx.guild.roles, name="role to add name")
user =
await user.add_roles(role)

For the async branch:

user =
role = discord.utils.get(user.server.roles, name="role to add name")
await client.add_roles(user, role)

To see which branch you have, do print(discord._version). If it says 1.0.0a, you have the rewrite branch. If it says 0.16.2 or a lower number, you have the async branch. To calculate permission values, you can use this website

note: is currently at 1.6

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what is ctx in the previous answer

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