How to send message in specific time TelegramBot


Hi i want to send message from bot in specific time (without message from me), for example every Saturday morning at 8:00am.
Here is my code:

import telebot
import config
from datetime import time, date, datetime

bot = telebot.TeleBot(config.bot_token)

@bot.message_handler(commands=['start', 'help'])
def print_hi(message):
    bot.send_message(, 'Hi!')

@bot.message_handler(func=lambda message: False) #cause there is no message
def saturday_message():
    now =
    if ( == 5) and (now.time() == time(8,0)):
        bot.send_message(chat_id, 'Wake up!')


But ofc that’s not working.
Tried with

urlopen("" +bot_id+ "/sendMessage?chat_id=" +chat_id+ "&text="+msg)

but again no result. Have no idea what to do, help please with advice.

Asked By: Ican



You could manage the task with cron/at or similar.

Make a script, maybe called

#!/usr/bin/env python
import telebot
import config
bot = telebot.TeleBot(config.bot_token)
bot.send_message(chat_id, 'Wake up!')

Then program in cron like this.

00 8 * * 6 /path/to/your/script/

Happy Coding!!!

Answered By: Pjl

I had this same issue and I was able to solve it using the schedule library. I always find examples are the easiest way:

import schedule
import telebot
from threading import Thread
from time import sleep

TOKEN = "Some Token"

bot = telebot.TeleBot(TOKEN)
some_id = 12345 # This is our chat id.

def schedule_checker():
    while True:

def function_to_run():
    return bot.send_message(some_id, "This is a message to send.")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Create the job in schedule.

    # Spin up a thread to run the schedule check so it doesn't block your bot.
    # This will take the function schedule_checker which will check every second
    # to see if the scheduled job needs to be ran.

    # And then of course, start your server."", port=int(os.environ.get('PORT', 5000)))

I hope you find this useful, solved the problem for me :).

Answered By: Justin Lillico

If you want your bot to both schedule a message and also get commands from typing something inside, you need to put Thread in a specific position (took me a while to understand how I can make both polling and threading to work at the same time).
By the way, I am using another library here, but it would also work nicely with schedule library.

import telebot
from apscheduler.schedulers.blocking import BlockingScheduler
from threading import Thread

def run_scheduled_task():
    print("I am running")
    bot.send_message(some_id, "This is a message to send.")

scheduler = BlockingScheduler(timezone="Europe/Berlin") # You need to add a timezone, otherwise it will give you a warning
scheduler.add_job(run_scheduled_task, "cron", hour=22) # Runs every day at 22:00

def schedule_checker():
    while True:

@bot.message_handler(commands=['start', 'help'])
def print_hi(message):
    bot.send_message(, 'Hi!')

Thread(target=schedule_checker).start() # Notice that you refer to schedule_checker function which starts the job

bot.polling() # Also notice that you need to include polling to allow your bot to get commands from you. But it should happen AFTER threading!

Answered By: Betelgeitze