Issue with button command on Tkinter



from tkinter import *

class Thing:

    var = {}
    def item(self):
        self.root = Tk()
        # Settings of main window
        things = [] # Array which contains items with different values
        for thing in things:
            # 1*
            self.var[f'b{thing}'] = Button(self.root, text='Test',command = lambda: self.remove(thing))

    def remove(self, thing=None):
        # 2*


When I press for the first time any button, the class remove print the correct value, when I try to press another button, the class ‘remove’ print another time the first value instead of second.
I’m thinking that the issue is in buttons command.
I appreciate every kind of help, thanks in advance.

Asked By: Luca



You can’t use lambda in a loop like that. You will have to use functools.partial.

from functools import partial
self.var[f'b{thing}'] = Button(self.root, text='Test',command = partial(self.remove, thing))
Answered By: Novel
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