How to check python anaconda version installed on Windows 10 PC?


I have a Windows 10 PC with python anaconda installed. The latest anaconda version is v5.0.1

I would like to find out whether the PC has the latest version v5.0.1 installed and whether it is 32-bit/64bit or python 2.7/3.6. How do I do that?

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The folder containing your Anaconda installation contains a subfolder called conda-meta with json files for all installed packages, including one for Anaconda itself. Look for anaconda-<version>-<build>.json.

My file is called anaconda-5.0.1-py27hdb50712_1.json, and at the bottom is more info about the version:

"installed_by": "Anaconda2-5.0.1-Windows-x86_64.exe", 
"link": { "source": "C:\ProgramData\Anaconda2\pkgs\anaconda-5.0.1-py27hdb50712_1" }, 
"name": "anaconda", 
"platform": "win", 
"subdir": "win-64", 
"url": "", 
"version": "5.0.1"

(Slightly edited for brevity.)

The output from conda -V is the conda version.

Answered By: kthy

On the anaconda prompt, do a

  • conda -V or conda --version to get the conda version.
  • python -V or python --version to get the python version.
  • conda list anaconda$ to get the Anaconda version.
  • conda list to get the Name, Version, Build & Channel details of all the packages installed (in the current environment).
  • conda info to get all the current environment details.
  • conda info --envs To see a list of all your environments

Detailed description here, download cheat sheet from here

Answered By: Shijith

If you want to check the python version in a particular conda environment you can also use conda list python

Answered By: Mwibutsa Floribert
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