Python openpyxl How to SET the active or selected cell


In Python with openpyxl I’d like to change the active cell when the user opens the spreadsheet.

This produces ‘A1’:

 print("Active Cell: " + WorkSheetOne.sheet_view.selection[0].activeCell)

This produces an error when the file is opened (Corrupted file):

 WorkSheetOne.sheet_view.selection[0].activeCell = 'A4'

How can I set the active/selected cell to something other than A1?

Asked By: Mattman85208



For openpyxls version 2.3.2 I got this to work:

 WorkSheetOne.sheet_view.selection[0].activeCell = 'A4'
 WorkSheetOne.sheet_view.selection[0].sqref = 'A4'

Hope this helps someone.

Answered By: Mattman85208

If you got openpyxl version 2.5.4 or later, try typing below to set active cell

ws.cell(row=4, column=1)"spreadsheet.xlsx")

assume ws is the worksheet you use, and you want to set cell A4 active. Make sure you save the spreadsheet in your code.

Answered By: BenSeedGangMu

I’m using openpyxl version 3.0.7 and found that for an excel file I have it was necessary to also do the same definition for selection[1].

worksheet.views.sheetView[0].selection[0].activeCell = 'A1'
worksheet.views.sheetView[0].selection[0].sqref = 'A1'

worksheet.views.sheetView[0].selection[1].activeCell = 'A1'
worksheet.views.sheetView[0].selection[1].sqref = 'A1'


data_sheet.sheet_view.selection[0].activeCell = 'A1'
data_sheet.sheet_view.selection[0].sqref = 'A1'

data_sheet.sheet_view.selection[1].activeCell = 'A1'
data_sheet.sheet_view.selection[1].sqref = 'A1'

I hope this helps someone.

Answered By: BryanSJT

Based on the accepted answer and the answer by BryanSJT, I created this loop which should set all selections correctly to A1

for selection in ws.views.sheetView[0].selection:
        selection.activeCell = "A1"
        selection.sqref = "A1"
Answered By: Lars Schellhas
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