How to check if a string is a substring of items in a list of strings?


How do I search for items that contain the string 'abc' in the following list?

xs = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

The following checks if 'abc' is in the list, but does not detect 'abc-123' and 'abc-456':

if 'abc' in xs:
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x = 'aaa'
L = ['aaa-12', 'bbbaaa', 'cccaa']
res = [y for y in L if x in y]
Answered By: Mariy

To check for the presence of 'abc' in any string in the list:

xs = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

if any("abc" in s for s in xs):

To get all the items containing 'abc':

matching = [s for s in xs if "abc" in s]
Answered By: Sven Marnach
any('abc' in item for item in mylist)
Answered By: Imran

Use filter to get all the elements that have 'abc':

>>> xs = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']
>>> list(filter(lambda x: 'abc' in x, xs))
['abc-123', 'abc-456']

One can also use a list comprehension:

>>> [x for x in xs if 'abc' in x]
Answered By: MAK
for item in my_list:
    if item.find("abc") != -1:
        print item
Answered By: Rubycon

This is quite an old question, but I offer this answer because the previous answers do not cope with items in the list that are not strings (or some kind of iterable object). Such items would cause the entire list comprehension to fail with an exception.

To gracefully deal with such items in the list by skipping the non-iterable items, use the following:

[el for el in lst if isinstance(el, collections.Iterable) and (st in el)]

then, with such a list:

lst = [None, 'abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456', 123]
st = 'abc'

you will still get the matching items (['abc-123', 'abc-456'])

The test for iterable may not be the best. Got it from here: In Python, how do I determine if an object is iterable?

Answered By: Robert Muil

Just throwing this out there: if you happen to need to match against more than one string, for example abc and def, you can combine two comprehensions as follows:

matchers = ['abc','def']
matching = [s for s in my_list if any(xs in s for xs in matchers)]


['abc-123', 'def-456', 'abc-456']
Answered By: fantabolous

If you just need to know if ‘abc’ is in one of the items, this is the shortest way:

if 'abc' in str(my_list):

Note: this assumes ‘abc’ is an alphanumeric text. Do not use it if ‘abc’ could be just a special character (i.e. []’, ).

Answered By: RogerS
my_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

for item in my_list:
    if (item.find('abc')) != -1:
        print ('Found at ', item)

I am new to Python. I got the code below working and made it easy to understand:

my_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']
for item in my_list:
    if 'abc' in item:
Answered By: Amol Manthalkar

Question : Give the informations of abc

    a = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

    aa = [ string for string in a if  "abc" in string]

Output =>  ['abc-123', 'abc-456']
Answered By: Soudipta Dutta


Answered By: arun_munagala

I did a search, which requires you to input a certain value, then it will look for a value from the list which contains your input:

my_list = ['abc-123',

imp = raw_input('Search item: ')

for items in my_list:
    val = items
    if any(imp in val for items in my_list):

Try searching for ‘abc’.

Answered By: Jayson Ogso

Use the __contains__() method of Pythons string class.:

a = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']
for i in a:
    if i.__contains__("abc") :
        print(i, " is containing")
Answered By: Harsh Lodhi
def find_dog(new_ls):
    splt = new_ls.split()
    if 'dog' in splt:

find_dog("Is there a dog here?")
Answered By: Raja Ahsan Zeb

I needed the list indices that correspond to a match as follows:

lst=['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']

[n for n, x in enumerate(lst) if 'abc' in x]


[0, 3]
Answered By: Grant Shannon

If you want to get list of data for multiple substrings

you can change it this way

some_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']
# select element where "abc" or "ghi" is included
find_1 = "abc"
find_2 = "ghi"
result = [element for element in some_list if find_1 in element or find_2 in element] 
# Output ['abc-123', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456']
Answered By: Lakhani Aliraza

Adding nan to list, and the below works for me:

some_list = ['abc-123', 'def-456', 'ghi-789', 'abc-456',np.nan]
any([i for i in [x for x in some_list if str(x) != 'nan'] if "abc" in i])
Answered By: Sam S
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