Amazon mws access denied for european marketplace


I’m trying to pull competetive prices from amazon mws using boto.
When I try to do it for US marketplace it works perfectly fine, bun when I try to do it using European endpoint it returns

boto.mws.response.AccessDenied: AccessDenied: Unauthorized
Access denied

Here is the code Im using

connect = connection.MWSConnection(aws_access_key_id=access_key,
`                                  aws_secret_access_key=secret_key,
product = connect.get_competitive_pricing_for_asin(ASINList= ["B01HETFQA8"],

Again, it works fine for US marketplace. Im registered as a seller in both US and Europe. Im getting marketplace IDs from this page

Any help is greatly appretiated

Asked By: morea030



This questions has already been answered here:
Amazon Europe MWS Python Boto Connection AccessDenied.

But to reiterate, find your file for boto and at line 269 change:

kw.setdefault('host', '')


kw.setdefault('host', '')

By default Boto is routing to Amazon US MWS endpoint whereas you are looking for the Amazon EU MWS endpoint which is

A full list of endpoints for other countries / geographical regions is available here

You can also see Boto’s default file here:

Answered By: Alex B
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