React on form changes


I have a general question to the django-admin.

Is it possible to react on form changes?

I have a select field in my django-admin detail site. Whenever I change the data from the select field, I want to change fields which are read-only.

Has anybody ever dealt with this issue?

Asked By: Creative crypter



I think the thing that will work here is to add jQuery + your custom javascript and play with the events / clicks what-ever you want with elements.

class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    class Media:
        js = ("js/custom_script.js",)

in custom_script you can add click or change events as you want.

My two cents:

As any other guys said it is a javascript work. In admin pages Django pases jquery. It is called django.jQuery. So basilly you would do what @Ashfaq suggested. You will create a custom_script.js and added to the Media metaclass.

Basically(as @Ashfaq):

class MyModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    class Media:
        js = ("js/custom_script.js",)

and custom_script.js will be something like this(assuming that your select field is called id_category):

django.jQuery( document ).ready(function() {
    console.log( "ready!" );
    django.jQuery('#id_category').change(function() {
      alert( "Handler for #id_category was called." );

The ready function will guarantee the handler is getting set.

Answered By: edilio

Found a great answer by Abhijith K in another SO Q&A:

How can i add a onchange js event to Select widget in Django?

reciept=forms.ChoiceField(reciept_types, widget = forms.Select(attrs = {'onchange': "myFunction();"}))

To be clear, this is what you add within your widget definition: attrs = {'onchange': "myFunction();"} to define which JS function will be called, in this when an onchange event is triggers.

In the ModelAdmin you can then define a JavaScript file that you want to have access to, where you can define your function “myFunction()”:

class AnswerTreeAdmin(ModelAdmin):
    form = AnswerTreeForm

    class Media:
        js = ("admin_js/answertree_modeladmin.js",)

Django docs on defining assets (Like JavaScript & CSS) on your ModelAdmin:

What is also useful, I found out that you can access the value of the input by using attrs = {'onchange': "myFunction(this.value);"}, note that I am passing the argument this.value here now.

Example of the JavaScript function definition:

myFunction = (value) => {


myFunction(value) {
Answered By: Rik Schoonbeek