How to install specific python version (Termux)


I am trying to install a specific version of python using termux (python 3.5) but it is downloading the latest version (Python 3.7.2-1) instead. Is there any way to specify what version to install?

The command I am using is very straightforward, but I haven’t found any way to specify version anywhere

pkg install python
Asked By: SaltyHelpVampire



To do what you intend…you can use the following command..

  1. First Make Sure that the package version you need to install exists… Use:
apt-cache madison [packagename]
  1. If the package version you’re trying to install exists, simply run:
apt-get install [packagename]=[DesiredVersion]
Answered By: Jaynam Modi

Not an easy way, but you can download source of the specific version and build it yourself. This works for me.

Answered By: Krutoy 4el
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