How to remove uncommon columns in two dataframes in Pandas?


I have 2 pandas dataframes: df1 and df2

df1 has these columns:

c1, c2 ,c3 ,c4

and df2 has these columns:

c2, c3, c4, c5

How can I remove the uncommon columns in these 2 dataframes so both become like this:

df1: c2, c3, c4
df2: c2, c3, c4
Asked By: j doe



You can create a list to store only common columns and then subset columns from the two dataframes

# list with only common columns
common_columns = [col for col in df1.columns if col in df2.columns]
# keep only common columns from df1 and df2
df1 = df1[common_columns]
df2 = df2[common_columns]
Answered By: fmarm

Given the following dataframe:

df1 = pd.DataFrame(columns=['c1','c2','c3','c4'])
df2 = pd.DataFrame(columns=['c2','c3','c4','c5'])

Create intersection of df1 and df2 columns name:

common_col = (df2.columns) & (df1.columns)  

Filter df1 and df2 by common_col:

df1 = df1[common_col]   # df1.columns: c2, c3, c4
df2 = df2[common_col]   # df2.columns: c2, c3, c4
Answered By: Massifox

Recent version of pandas has a deprecation warning on the approach above by @Massifox

FutureWarning: Index.and operating as a set operation is deprecated, in the future this will be a logical operation matching Series.and. Use index.intersection(other) instead.

based on recommendation from deprecation warning, the following worked :

common_columns = df1.columns.intersection(df2.columns)

Answered By: Sandeep Singhal
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