Python Logging Formatter: print the logger name


How can I change the logger format in order to print the logger name?

Desired output:

>>> import logging
>>> logger = logging.getLogger('AI Service')
>>> logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
>>> logging.basicConfig(format='[%(levelname)s] %(???)s - %(message)s')
>>>"Starting service")
[INFO] AI Service - Starting service

Is this possible? I can’t find a ‘formatter’ option to do so.

Asked By: Guillem



The answer is just a google away: %(name)s.

Answered By: Toni Sredanović

You need to provide logging format to support it. In your case, you can define something like below


This will show the time, module name, log level and message.

Answered By: Sreejith Nair
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