Is it possible to go to python method definition from a robot framework keyword?


I want to use the keyboard shortcut to go a python method from robot framework files. Is that possible?

Robot framework keyword:

Check something
    Given I have my scenario configured
    When I configure something
    Then Something else happens


Python method on

from robot.api.deco import keyword

class myClass(object):
    @keyword('I configure something')
    def i_configure_something(self):

I’ll explain what I want using Gherkin 😛

Given I am using VS Code to edit my files
When I highlight the keyword "I configure something"
And I press F12
Then I want it to open my python file and go directly to the method definition.
Asked By: FortCWB



Yes, it is possible. We use PyCharm with Intellibot plugin. It is the best solution I have found so far. In PyCharm we can go to a python method right from the keyword using Ctrl+B

It can also be achieved using Eclipse with Red plugin but I don’t know the shortcut for the same.

Answered By: Divaksh

For VSCode, I use Robot Framework Intellisense.

Answered By: asprtrmp

I use Pycharm for over 2 years and i use the Plugins:

  • Robot Framework Support
  • IntelliBot @SeleniumLibrary Patched (wo work with selenium keywords also… since we change from Selenium2Library to SeleniumLibrary)
Answered By: xrc