Inset_axes in polar coordinates


I am using matplotlib.axes.Axes.inset_axes ( to create an child axe of a an existing parent axe.

How do I set it to polar coordinates ?
I can not use this: Matplotlib inset polar plot as 'Axes' object has no property 'polar'.

But inset_axes only returns Axes objects and not projections.polar.PolarAxes ..

Asked By: Liris



From the comment of ImportanceOfBeingErnest:

just use mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.inset_locator.inset_axes() instead, with the parameter axes_class = matplotlib.projections.get_projection_class('polar').

Answered By: Liris

From version 3.6, matplotlib.axes.Axes.inset_axes also accepts "polar" and "projection" parameters, so the original version of your code will work in the latest versions.

Answered By: hrgu
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