Nothing is coming up on my console on replit


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this shows a visual image of the code

Asked By: kim



This is not a syntax error. Simply, your problem is that you never actually called the start() function after defining it.

After you def start(): , try to run the function like this:

def start():
    print("Hello World!")
    #Code goes here
    #Blah blah blah
    #Python code wow
#Here is the step you were missing
Answered By: Pork Lord

I noticed you are a new member! In future posts please provide more context to your issue(s)! Linked here is Stack Overflow’s tips for creating a post! Hope this finds you well!

Anyhow, I noticed that you never called any of your functions containing the print statements you are expecting in your console. To get the output you are looking for, you need to call the function that contains your print statements! However, I do see that you called the start() function inside a while loop on line 28, but in order for that code to be read, you need to initially call the start() function you have created.

To do this, you would simply get your cursor all the way to the left, so you are not indented at all. Then you should call the start function!

I really hope this comment finds you well! Have a great day, please respond to this comment if you need further assistance! Someone will always be here! 🙂

Answered By: Jake