leaving Anaconda environment in Terminal (Mac)


I recently installed Anaconda on my Mac for starting to code with Python using Spyder, but decided to switch to VSCode (without starting Anaconda) which I find less confusing (I’m a casual coder). However, every time I open Terminal now on my Mac, the prompt starts with "(base)" which seems to indicate I’m still in the Anaconda Base environment. How do I switch back to the default option? I understand that I can exit the environment with "conda deactivate", but when I open another Terminal I’m back in (base).

Asked By: stonehenge



If you don’t want to use anaconda, just remove it.

Anaconda goes into the base environment at startup. You can leave it with
conda deactivate.

You can also deactivate this startup function with

conda config --set auto_activate_base False
Answered By: nailend
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