Python How to break loop with 0


I don’t understand why is not working on my code

def random_calculation(num):
    return((num*77 + (90+2-9+3)))

while random_calculation:
    num = int(input("Pleace enter number: "))
    if num == "0":

Can you guide me what is wrong here, i really dont understand

Asked By: Glonza



so,when you start the loop it ask you what number you want to enter and then the code checks if the number is == to 0. IF the number is equal to 0: break the loop. IF the number is equal to any other number it prints the "random_calculation" function

Answered By: Diego Ciprietti

You have several errors in your code:

You cannot do while random_calculation like this. You need to call the function, but since inside the loop you are already checking for a break condition, use while True instead.

Also, you are converting the input to int, but then comparing agains the string "0" instead of the int 0

Here’s the corrected code:

def random_calculation(num):
    # 90+2-9+3 is a bit strange, but not incorrect.
    return((num*77 + (90+2-9+3)))

while True:
    num = int(input("Please enter number: "))
    if num == 0:
    # you don't need an else, since the conditional would 
    # break if triggered, so you can save an indentation level
Answered By: Sembei Norimaki
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