cv2 onMouse() has a missing argument when using importlib to create a class at runtime


I want to load a python file (module) dynamically when the user inputs the filename (here for example: In the file will be one class (here: RegionOfInterest). All classes have a method with the same name (here: start) which i want to call.

This works fine, but if i call another method from the start method i get an error:
TypeError: testMethod() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘self’

Any help is greatly appreciated. 🙂

Minimal Working Example:

import importlib

if __name__ == '__main__':
    module_name = "RegionOfInterest"    # will be user input
    class_name = module_name            # same as module_name

    myModule = importlib.import_module(f"{module_name}")
    myClass = myModule.__getattribute__(class_name)
    myClass.__init__(myClass)           # apparently is not called automatically ?
    myMethod = myClass.__getattribute__(myClass, "start")

class RegionOfInterest:

    def start(self):

    def testMethod(self):
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I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with this code:

myClass.__init__(myClass, img)
myMethod = myClass.__getattribute__(myClass, "start")

myClass is a class, not an instance of that class. So your passing an invalid object as self to the __init__() method.

The following seems much simpler to me and does work without the error:

module_name = "RegionOfInterest"  # will be user input
myModule = importlib.import_module(f"{module_name}")
myClass = myModule.__getattribute__(module_name)
roi = myClass(img)

(Note: this answer was based on earlier revision of the question. The code has been changed a bit since then, but the principle remains the same.)

Answered By: wovano
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