Python – Print on screen the letter in position "x"


I need to find and print a letter of a word.

For example: wOrd

I want to print only the uppercase letter. I tried using "find()" it shows me the position of the letter but I can’t show the letter "O" it shows "1".

Is it possible to do that?



[x for x in s if x==x.upper()]


''.join(x for x in s if x==x.upper())


More general case:

s='My Name is John'

[x for x in s if x==x.upper() and x!=' ']

['M', 'N', 'J']

''.join(x for x in s if x==x.upper() and x!=' ')

Answered By: God Is One

Welcome to StackOVerflow.

1 is the index of the letter "O"
Once you have the index you can simply use it to print or do whatever else.

test = "wOrd"

Above will print "O"

Answered By: mrblue6

Using the str.isupper method:

s = "wOrd"

# print every upper-case character
print(*(char for char in s if char.isupper()))

# print every upper-case character - functional programming
print(''.join(filter(str.isupper, s)))

# print the 1st upper-case character. If none returns None
print(next((char for char in s if char.isupper()), None))
Answered By: cards
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