Pandas pivot to explode columns and fill values?


I have a Pandas dataframe like so

movie, week, sales
-----, ----, ------
1,    1,     100
1,    52,    200 
2,    1,     500,

What I actually want it to look like is

movie, week_1, ... week_52, 
1,     1,          200
2,     1,          500

So what’s effectively happened is there is now one row per movie and one column per week and the value of df[movie, week] equals the sales of that movie on that week.

I’ve tried df.transpose() and df.pivot(columns=['week', 'sales']) but neither is accomplishing the intended effect.

What the Pandas way to do this?

Asked By: jbuddy_13



You can achieve that in pandas using the following:

df = df.pivot_table(index='movie', columns='week', values='sales')

If you want to have the columns named as week_1, week_2 … you can also use:

df.columns = [f'week_{x}' for x in df.columns]
Answered By: Khalil
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