How to iterate through each value for each key in a dictionary in python 3.0?


I’m writing a DAG in airflow, and have a dictionary similar to this one:

dict1 = {'a':['1','2','3'],'b':['1','2'],'c':['1']}

Each key represents a SQL file, and each value represents a table. I need to execute the SQL files on each value in their specific key value pair. I’ve already written the task necessary to execute the SQL, but I cannot seem to figure out how to run the loop properly so that it runs each key’s SQL on each assigned value (table).

I’ve attempted:

dag_id = 'dag1'
general dag parameters here

def dag():
  for i in dict1: 
     for table in i:
        operator = SnowflakeOperator(

but I get a duplicate task ID error on run. I understand that I need to pull the actual values out of the key value pairs, but I am unsure how to do so.

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Needed to include the key:value pair and then just iterate through the values. Spent far too long trying to figure it out and talked myself into an even worse answer.

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dict_1 = {‘a’:[‘1′,’2′,’3′],’b’:[‘1′,’2′],’c’:[‘1’]}

Loop through both keys and values, by using the items() method:

for key, value in dict_1.items():
    for i in value:

you can loop only through keys using .keys() instead of .items() and only through values using .values()


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