Score not increasing more than one and not displaying on screen


I tried to create a simple snake type game but put Pacman instead of the snake to make the game simple.
I created it in pygame.

My score is not displaying on my game window if I increase it from the class, and the score is not increasing more than one. Please help.

I tried increasing the score in my main game loop and it works just fine, but if I increase the score from the check collisions class, the score increases to 1 and always stays at 1 no matter how much I increase, when Pacman eats a fruit he needs to get +1 score.


class player(object):
    def randomize(self,win,score):
        self.fx = random.randint(0,1250)
        self.fy = random.randint(0,550)
        score += 1
        print("score is",score)
    def check_collisions(score,win):
        pacdraw = pygame.Rect(pac.x+10, pac.y+10, 75, 75)
        fruit = pygame.Rect(pac.fx+10,pac.fy+10, 40, 30)
        collide = pacdraw.colliderect(fruit)
        if collide:

# score = 0
scorefont = pygame.font.Font("freesansbold.ttf", 32)
def display_score(score,win):
    display = scorefont.render(f'score: {score}', True, (225, 225, 225))
    win.blit(display, (10, 10))
def Redrawgamewindow():
    win.blit(bg, (-300,-200))
    win.blit(cherry, (pac.fx, pac.fy))
Asked By: Azim Moula



replace the variable from score += 1 to self.score += 1

In the check_collisions you try to update the score, but numbers are passed by value and not by reference

Try to return the score and assign when you call this function on mainloop

Answered By: Hello Hello

You are using class, so you don’t have to pass arguments to the function manually
You can use

def __init__(self, win):
    self.score = 0 = win

and you can access the ‘score’ by ‘self’

def randomize(self):
    self.fx = random.randint(0,1250)
    self.fy = random.randint(0,550)
    self.score += 1
    print("score is", self.score)

so that ‘score’ is stored on the Player class, not passing to the function
so if

player = Player(win)

then you can access to player’s score variable as below

def display_score(score, win):
    display = scorefont.render(f'score: {player.score}', True, (225, 225, 225))
    win.blit(display, (10, 10))
Answered By: Snoopy
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