Is it possible to make python code editor in android app with flutter?


I want to make python code editor in my android app that can excecute the code too. Is it possible to make it with flutter? How to do it?

Asked By: Sera



Yes, it is possible to create a Python code editor in an Android app using Flutter. One way to accomplish this would be to use a package like "code_editor" or "dartpad" to create a code editing interface in Flutter, and then use a package like "python_shell" to execute the Python code within the app.

You could also use webview_flutter package to integrate any web-based code editor that supports python like codepen, jsfiddle etc.

It’s worth noting that running Python code within a mobile app can be resource-intensive and may not be the best solution for all use cases. If performance is a concern, you may want to consider alternative solutions such as running the code on a remote server and returning the output to the app.

Answered By: Wbh52
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