Extract a value from an array of data


I get such an array of data

[U8EUGGG1C32144101336_gulu, V5EUHHG1P12100100418_89011337751, V5EUHHG1P22111000028_89011337751]

How I can extract only this value "89011337751" and write it to a variable ?

Is it possible to do it with the bash, powershell or other scripts?

Asked By: Vitaliy Kuzmenko



This is how you can achieve this in bash

#define the array
my_array=("[U8EUGGG1C32144101336_gulu]" "V5EUHHG1P12100100418_89011337751" "V5EUHHG1P22111000028_89011337751")

# extract the value and assign it to a variable

# print the variable
echo $my_variable
Answered By: Ishank Sharma