regular expression to get date format after a particular string match


I have to write a regular expression to extract date from this string in python
but date might get repeat so i only want to extract the date after Invoice Value (in INR):
i.e 23/01/2023
the string is

INVOICE DETAILS Invoice Number: Invoice Date: Invoice Value (in INR): 19 23/01/2023 2416.5 ITEM DETAILS CTSH:42029900 (ii) SKU NO : (iii)

This is working
(?<=Invoice Value (in INR):sdds)+d{1,2}/d{1,2}/d{4}

But it specifies the spaces and digits after the Invoice Value (in INR):
but these spaces and digits are not fixed
And I can’t use s* and d* inside the quantifier


Surely there’s something better, but this would work, using a capture group (named my_date):

Invoice Value (in INR):s*d*s*(?<my_date>d{1,2}/d{1,2}/d{4})

Take a look:

Answered By: Anderson Pimentel
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