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Wondering if anyone can help me out please.

In FastAPI I want to set up an endpoint which returns the contents of a generated csv file as plain text. I don’t want the file to be downloaded.

I’ve tried the following which works just fine however a file download is always initiated.

        def hosts_last_hour():
            def iterate_csv(epoch_start):
                with open(f'output/hosts_traffic_{int(epoch_start)}.csv',mode='rb') as csv_file:
                    yield from csv_file

            response = StreamingResponse(iterate_csv(epoch_start), media_type="text/csv")

I need the contents of the file to be sent in the response body as text/csv (don’t want a downloaded to be initiated and don’t want the response in json format). Any ideas how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Asked By: José Oliveira



This will be easy using pandas:

Juast read the csv into a DataFrame using pd.read_csv and then turn the DataFrame into a dict using the to_dict() function.

Do note that pandas DataFrames can cause memory issues.

import pandas as pd
def hosts_last_hour():
   df_data = pd.read_csv("SampleCSVFile_11kb.csv")
   dict_data = df_data.to_dict()
   return dict_data 

If you don’t want to use pandas then do this:

import csv
import json

def hosts_last_hour():
    data_dict = []
    with open("data.csv", encoding = 'utf-8') as csv_file_handler:
        csv_reader = csv.DictReader(csv_file_handler)
        for rows in csv_reader:

    return json.dumps(data_dict)
Answered By: Lars K.

In case anyone is looking for a similar solution, here’s what worked for me (see this answer for more details):

# 1 MB chunks    
CHUNK_SIZE = 1024 * 1024 
        async def hosts():
            # Get data for the last hour
            async def iter_file():
                async with'output/hosts_traffic_{int(epoch_start)}.csv',mode='rb') as csv_file:
                    while chunk := await
                        yield chunk
            headers = {'Content-Disposition': 'inline'}
            response = StreamingResponse(iter_file(), media_type="text/csv",headers=headers)
            return response


Answered By: José Oliveira
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