Add leading zeros to variable in list


I tried to do some experimenting with variables in lists. Some of numbers wasn’t same length as original input.

For example:

Original: [012, 125, 032]

Result: [12, 125, 32]

How can I add leading zeros to equalise to original values?

I Have tried zfill and format but I don’t know how to loop it through.


First approach to keep leading zeros in a list of integers could be to use string formatting to convert the integers to strings with leading zeros. Here’s an example code snippet:

original_list = [12, 125, 32]
formatted_list = [f"{x:03d}" for x in original_list]

Second approach could be using the zfill function in the pandas library:

# importing pandas library
import pandas as pd

# converting the numeric to series to type pandas.Series
ol = pd.Series(original_list)

# to apply zfill function a series should be numeric so converting it to type object i.e string
out = ol.astype(str)

# calling zfill function to see changes i.e value 3 to make all string of equal size by adding leading zero
res = out.str.zfill(3)


0     12
1    125
2     32
dtype: int64
0    012
1    125
2    032
dtype: object
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