Python Sightengine (API) – 'sightengine' has no attribute 'Client' Error


I am currently writing the code for an reddit scraper. I wanted to use Sightengine for scanning for inappropriate content within the downloaded videos. I have problems communicating with the api (I cant fully describe it), however – this is the cmd output that I cant fix and am stuck at:

File "", line 14, in <module>
client = sightengine.Client(sightengine_user, sightengine_secret)
AttributeError: module 'sightengine' has no attribute 'Client'

This is my current code:

import sightengine
import os
import requests
import praw
import cv2
import subprocess

# Sightengine API credentials
sightengine_user = "CENSORED"
sightengine_secret = "CENSORED"

# Authenticate with Sightengine API
client = sightengine.Client(sightengine_user, sightengine_secret)

#SKIPPED CODE ----------------------------#

# Check if the video is shorter than 60 seconds
if duration < 60:

    # Apply workflow on the video
    workflow_id = "CENSORED"
    video_path = "video.mp4"
    response = client.check('workflow', workflow_id, video_path)

        # Check if the video contains unwanted content
    if response['status'] == 'success' and response['media']['status'] == 'success':
        if response['media']['warnings']:
        print("Error: ", response['status'])


I tried virtual environments, updating all kind of packages, downloading + setting up SSL and as far as I am concerned this code has no logical or syntax errors its just the communication with this api.

Asked By: Toni Storm



In the github repository for sightengine it says that you should do this to initialize the client:

from sightengine.client import SightengineClient
client = SightengineClient('{api_user}', '{api_secret}')

So in your case you would do this

from sightengine.client import SightengineClient
client = SightengineClient(sightengine_user, sightengine_secret)
Answered By: ZiyadCodes
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