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I am building a TensorFlow model and have a ton of functions and modules that have proper docstrings.

I installed mkdocs due to popular demand and the documentation does appear to be very easy to write.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to manually write up the entire API reference of all my modules inside this package. I am using mkdocstrings but I am unable to find a way to automate all of these and store them in the references section in mkdocs as you see with any documentation sites like numpy/pandas.

I tried pdoc3, but it only solves 1 problem for me.

mkgendocs was something I was hoping it would work, but this requires another config file! I followed this post but it was not working for me.

Any suggestions/resources on how I can autogenerate all my API docstrings into an api references page in mkdocs? Sphinx is too advanced to work with sorry. I am trying to get my team to document more so I need something easy to use and MkDocs looks like the best option currently.

Asked By: Stalin Thomas



The solution is described in this recipe for mkdocstrings:

Answered By: astrochun
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