How to create sets for a column, separated by data types?


I want to create a set in which only the string values of a column appear. The numerical values of the column are to be stored in another set.

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Try this:

my_dataset = [
    {'id': 1, 'my_column': 'apple', 'value': 10},
    {'id': 2, 'my_column': 'banana', 'value': 20},
    {'id': 3, 'my_column': 30, 'value': 30},
    {'id': 4, 'my_column': 'orange', 'value': 40},
    {'id': 5, 'my_column': 50, 'value': 50}

string_set = {row['my_column'] for row in my_dataset if isinstance(row['my_column'], str)}
numerical_set = {row['my_column'] for row in my_dataset if isinstance(row['my_column'], (int, float))}



You can use:

df['numeric'] = pd.to_numeric(df['col'], errors='coerce')
df['non-numeric'] = df['col'].mask(df['numeric'].notna())


   col  numeric non-numeric
0  abc      NaN         abc
1  123    123.0         NaN
2  123    123.0         NaN
3  NaN      NaN         NaN

Used input:

df = pd.DataFrame({'col': ['abc', 123, '123', float('nan')]})
Answered By: mozway
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