Django can I have any more good orm?


This related to this previous question: Django models and orm and foreign key problems

Here are some changes in the MemosInProduct model:

class MemosInProduct(models.Model):
    product_key=models.ForeignKey(ProductInOrder, on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="product_key")


    blahblah some codes...

I added _is_deleted field is need for soft delete functions.

Except MemosInProduct, any model definitions and querying targets are same as previous questions.

That means I still need all of OrderList data with related all of data combine with it (product, memos):



Here is the start this question: I realized that need filtering a specific table. That means, I only need do filtering MemosInProduct table.

With accepted answer by Almabud’s, I tried many orm queries and finally get:

            Prefetch('order_key', queryset=ProductInOrder.object.prefetch_related(
                Prefetch('product_key', queryset=MemosInProduct.object.all().filter(_is_deleted=False))).all()

It works for my goal. All of OrderList and ProductInOrder are displayed well, but only MemosInProduct table has been filtered.

But I want to know that this query has optimized or not. At least, I want to know that this query has no N+1 problems.

Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there are any other improvements to the query.

Thank you for read this looong question.

Asked By: Loire



The alternative way can be the use of an independent Prefetch, so the two alternatives are:

Nested prefetch:
Independent prefetch:

Both approaches will produce the same result while avoiding the N+1 problem. However, using an independent prefetch may provide a slightly better performance than using a nested prefetch. The reason for this is that in the nested prefetch approach, distinct querysets are created for each ProductInOrder row. The ORM should "merge" these querysets to avoid the N+1 problem, this process requires additional computational resources (depending on the size and complexity of the querysets to be merged).

Answered By: Jonathan Quispe
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